Return of the margooooooon

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Last updated on March 6th, 2018 at 12:30 am

Margo Kingston is back! If, like me, you regard Margo’s first post of the year as a groundhog-like signifier of events to come, you’ll agree that we’re in for a brilliant 2005:

G’day. Webdiary is open for conversation in 2005, and I wonder if the tsunami will significantly influence the course of world events this year. It’s already triggered a leadership crisis in the ALP.

No. The ALP’s response triggered the crisis. One timely press release, issued under Latham’s name, would likely have avoided a January leadership spill.

The frenetic race by nations, big business and the very rich to publicly display their generousity was led, maybe even compelled, by the outpouring of generosity from regular people, individually, and through street and community fundraisers. Regular people also watched lots of news on the tsunami, as shown in Network Nine’s ratings for its specials. What were people thinking or musing as they watched amateur videos of the disaster – raw, on the spot reality? And will their personal priorities or even political outlook change as a result?

The personal priorities and political outlooks of regular people were displayed by their “generousity”. Margo continues to assume that regular people need changing.

After all, we’ve seen islands disappear, perhaps wiping out a people.

Louis Hissink asks in Margo’s comments: “Which islands have disappeared?” Margo’s response: “in the Maldives”. Hit the link to discover Margo’s definition of “disappeared”.

The tsunami almost instatly connected the peoples of the world – an electric shock of unity in empathy. The last time I sensed a similar connection was that weekend way back in February 2003 when people marched in record numbers around the world to demand an alternative to invading Iraq.

Yeah. I guess that’s why Margo rushed back from her holiday when the tsunami hit; that powerful sense of “instat” connection. Next, Margo addresses Mark Latham’s leadership crisis (this piece was published late Monday):

We’re peeking into an fellow human being’s existential crisis here …

Enough about you, Margo! Tell us about Mark!

… and it’s a bit uncomfortable. Still, you can’t deny Latham his dignity. He’ll keep ‘em waiting until he’s ready and able to say what decision he has made about whether or not he must end his lifelong dream of leading the nation or put it on hold.

I hope Mark Latham’s is in good health, and that he can try to continue to lead the ALP. One reason is that I admire his stubbornness under media pressure.

She really must admire John Howard, then, who’s resisted greater pressure over a much longer period; much of it from Margo herself. Welcome back, Webdiarist!

Posted by Tim B. on 01/19/2005 at 12:48 AM
    1. Oh Lord, please let Bosner & Ninio analyse the past few weeks too.

      Posted by C.L. on 01/19 at 01:03 AM • #


    1. So long as my bum points to the ground I will never, ever forget the Margoyle’s eulogy to Mark Latham:

      “Thanks for the memories. Mark, and your guts”

      You just can’t make that sort of shit up.

      Posted by Pedro the Ignorant on 01/19 at 01:18 AM • #


    1. BTW, I took a screenshot, in case she (it?) deletes ths “guts” comment.

      OMG, WTF, have another Cab Sav, RWDB’s!

      Posted by Pedro the Ignorant on 01/19 at 01:21 AM • #


    1. Thanks for your guts, Mark, but not your pancreas. Thanks also for the mammaries.

      There seems to be a certain love/hate thing going with some people and Margo. Lots of big, boy crushes on her I am starting to think.

      Posted by Darlene Taylor on 01/19 at 06:26 AM • #


    1. It was cruel of Margo to brazenly thank Mark’s internals for helping bring him down.

      Posted by underscore on 01/19 at 08:11 AM • #


    1. I still just can’t believe this.  How can I write so crappily and get paid for it?  Maybe it’s just her good looks.

      Posted by JorgXMcKie on 01/19 at 08:32 AM • #


    1. Anti Dismissal laws ?

      Posted by Louis on 01/19 at 10:23 AM • #


    1. One must take some joy from the fact that unlike her soul brothers and sisters at the BBC and other tax payer funded pachyderms of public broadcasting, MARGO’S wages are disbursed by the private sector.
      With her boomerang of drivel, she attempts to cut a swathe through conservative thought, but said boomerang always returns and hits her squarely on her intellect.

      Posted by davo on 01/19 at 11:39 AM • #


    1. That’s a pretty good throw, davo, to hit something that small that repeatedly.

      Posted by JorgXMcKie on 01/19 at 12:08 PM • #


    1. Labor has lost it’s high stakes gamble and seems to be freefalling – into what? Noone knows.


      Posted by guinsPen on 01/19 at 12:13 PM • #


    1. Darlene! Take that back. You had a good look at that thing?

      Posted by slatts on 01/19 at 12:34 PM • #


    1. Perhaps she was away helping the BBC do its new “world” poll where it found that more than half of the people think that Bush’s re-election makes the world a more dangerous place.

      Posted by blogstrop on 01/19 at 12:36 PM • #


    1. Margo’s choice of words is as bizarre as her grammar and spelling. Who are the “regular” people?  People who take their All Bran? Or people who agree with her, making the rest of the world irregular? Sounds like a big market opportunity for All Bran.

      Then there’s Latham’s “existential” crisis. Who is this guy, Jesus Christ? I surprised she didn’t also refer to his crucifixion by the ALP (with John Howard as Pontius Pilot?), rising from the dead? etc. His existential turmoil sounds like something out of Grahame Greene novel.

      Posted by mr magoo on 01/19 at 01:26 PM • #


    1. I surprised she didn’t also refer to his crucifixion by the ALP (with John Howard as Pontius Pilot?), rising from the dead?

      And ye did Ramsey sayeth, “Truly, this man was the Son of Gough!”

      Posted by Quentin George on 01/19 at 04:30 PM • #


    1. “She really must admire John Howard, then, who’s resisted greater pressure over a much longer period”

      Youre not alluding to this “left wing domination of the media” myth, are you?

      Posted by Nic White on 01/19 at 05:52 PM • #


    1. Perhaps Nic thinks the ABC is full of right wingers. Or the Age, or the SMH. BBC?
      Or perhaps he is referring to the commercial tv stations – and how often do we go to them for real information? Only when they take a feed from some network that matters.

      Posted by blogstrop on 01/19 at 06:27 PM • #


    1. Yes Nic, it’s a myth. Of course, how could we have been so blind? There’s no leftists grinding axes in the media at all!

      Posted by Quentin George on 01/19 at 08:15 PM • #


    1. Having family in the SMH and also being the black sheep politically, I was told the Guardian is a normal balanced newspaper. I gagged on my whisky with that one.

      You see there is no “left” bias in the meida for the precise reasons Bernard Goldbery wrote about it in his two books – Biassed, and Arrogance.

      They think they are normal because they don’t socialise with conservatives, so differening ideas never enter their universe.  They don’t realise it either – and that is the main problem.

      Mind you Margo even in her workplace is regarded with sufferance I am told, but her reply to me about the Maldives makes me wonder whether she has surrogates to pen her replies to web-diary commentary. Mind you, I am still wondering who the people are……. A disappearing island would have been top news.

      Posted by Louis on 01/19 at 08:54 PM • #


    1. Sorry Slatts, but I tell it as I see it.

      Posted by Darlene Taylor on 01/19 at 09:06 PM • #


    1. “He,then in good time,has gathered within himself,he has created the vacuum”,
      Created the vacuum,the man is a vacuum, obviously over indulgent to much maccas and beer.
      maybe not maccas thats for stupid,evil americans

      Posted by wombatant63 on 01/20 at 10:53 AM • #


    1. Darlene, I’d personally be to scared to take margo’s pants down her clitoris is probably longer than my penis

      Posted by wombatant63 on 01/20 at 10:59 AM • #


    1. Doesn’t say much for your Johnson you poor chap. Don’t you read your emails? I recommend the helium-filled Trident implant.

      Posted by underscore on 01/20 at 11:08 AM • #


    1. If Margo’s clitoris is longer than somebody’s penis all I can say is lucky Margo.  She should be walking around all day with a smile on her face, which somewhat disproves wombatant63’s theory.

      Posted by Darlene Taylor on 01/20 at 07:21 PM • #


  1. I am in Pat Farmers’ electorate which is right next door to Werriwa(which was the electorate I grew up in).
    Meg Oates is a perennial whinger. She periodically appears on the front page of one of the local papers(the Crapertiser and The Crapicle) whinging about something which invariably turns out to to be bullshit. First class idiot!
    I met the Lib candidate for Werriwa last year but he seems to have dissappeared. Jai Somebody. I got up him for being lazy!

    Posted by Gibbo on 01/20 at 08:58 PM • #