Residents “lost”

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Last updated on July 27th, 2017 at 02:44 pm

Blue staters are mysteriously vanishing:

Massachusetts [blue] lost residents for the second year in a row, new federal Census estimates show, underscoring an accelerating population shift from the Northeast to the South and West that threatens to erode the state’s political and economic clout …

Nationally, according to the census estimate, Nevada [red] edged out Arizona [red] to once again win the honors of being the fastest-growing state; its population is up 3.5 percent from last year. Eight of the 10 most rapidly growing states are in the South or West. Rhode Island [blue] and New York [blue] also lost residents this year.

We need a Lancet report on this. Where is Bush hiding the bodies? Are they in the stolen lake?

UPDATE. More bad news for blue people:

California is in danger of large-scale flooding, according to speakers – including former Vice President Al Gore – at a global warming presentation on Dec. 6 given at Stanford University.

Speakers at “The Heat is On” presented the crowd, which included a handful of Paly students, with data and predictions for the future. For instance, scientists expect a rise in sea level of 20 feet which will leave hundreds of millions of people homeless across the world.

Homeless? They’ll be lucky to escape the incremental water level increase (if any) with their lives, as Dave S. explains: “Presumably the poor people will drown in their living rooms and huts after years of sloshing through ever-rising water to get to them, rather than, say, move a couple miles inland where the new coast is. Because if there’s one thing humans can’t do, it’s adapt.” Gore’s fans—Google that phrase and you’ll get 35 matches, by the way—turned out in powerful numbers for his Stanford speech, although some still haven’t gotten his environmental message:

Kimberly Heiman, a Ph.D. candidate in Marine Biology, drove with 10 classmates from the Hopkins Marine Station in Monterrey just to see Gore’s speech.

Ten people won’t fit in a Prius. It’d be interesting to see if the weather in Palo Alto was colder than average on the 6th, thus following the inverse law of global warm-mongering …

UPDATE II. To futher encourage running away, six blue states—New York , Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont—have signed on to some sort of mini-Kyoto:

Under the agreement, each state will set a cap for its carbon-dioxide emissions and power plants will face emissions limits. Plants that don’t meet their targets will be required to purchase unused emissions allowances from other plants that pollute less. Market forces are expected to encourage plants to install more pollution controls.

Which lucky states get to be New Zealand?

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