Remarkable century

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• 100 years ago Canton City Council made it unlawful for chickens to run at large.

• 90 years ago five men gathered at a drug store on Greensboro Avenue in a meeting that would eventually evolve into Tuscaloosa’s first and largest service organization, the Rotary Club of Tuscaloosa.

• 80 years ago poolside entertainment at the hotel meant synchronized swimming and alligator wrestling.

• 70 years ago the Waterman Arrowbile, the world’s first successful flying car, made its maiden test flight.

• 60 years ago Swedish aircraft manufacturer Saab decided to supplement its declining post-war aircraft sales with land-based transportation.

• 50 years ago a plea for a compromise between those who wanted to rock and roll at Malvern Winter Gardens and those who did not was made by Councillor J K Clarke.

• 40 years ago Brian Boyett walked the streets of the East Valley carrying two small glass bottles — one filled with unfiltered “hard” tap water and the other with water that had been softened through a filtering system.

• 30 years ago the weather in Penang Hill was so cold that even cooking oil in tin containers would solidify.

• 20 years ago it occurred to Dr. Ifay Chang of Somers that whenever he played the board game Scrabble with three other people, it was only his turn to play the game 25 percent of the time.

• 10 years ago a developer in Minneapolis, Kan., the county seat of Ottawa County, wasn’t able to follow through with a planned project. The city eventually acquired the land but did not know what to do with it.

Feel free to offer your own decade-specific recollections in comments. Especially if you were ever party to an illegal running of chickens.

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