Religions merge

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Jebusites and Goreinthians find common ground as the End Days loom:

Whether or not we face impending doom, Christians need to remember that human beings have a responsibility toward the environment. In the last few decades we certainly have not been as conscientious about taking care of our natural resources as we should be. Like it or not, Al Gore is helping to remind Christians of an important duty.

The great evangelical apologist, Francis Schaeffer, wrote a book in the 1970s called Pollution and the Death of Man … Schaeffer recognizes that the environment, along with everything else, has suffered as a result of the Fall. Pollution, disease, and even global warming, are evidence of a fallen world.

So it’s global falling we should be worrying about. Joe Noory has further environmental thoughts. Incidentally, Gore’s Book of Revelations movie has now grossed $12 million; at average ticket prices, that means around two million Americans have so far paid to see it. A similar percentage of the Australian population would equal only 140,000 or so*.

(*Note: these figures compiled with the aid of prescription medication. May be out by a factor of several thousand.)

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