“read every oecd report”

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Kevin Rudd wonks it up:

On the question of the economy, the fundamentals of what we’re on about in the economy of course derive from macro-economic stability. There’s broadly a bipartisan consensus in terms of monetary policy, inflation targeting and also fiscal balance and don’t take my word for that, read carefully the Boyer Lectures of the recently departed Governor of the Reserve Bank, Ian MacFarlane. He says that, in effect, over the last decade-plus, we’ve achieved that level of bipartisan political consensus, and that’s a bogus debate which Mr Howard wants to have on the economy, on macro policy. What I’m talking about is this on micro policy, most particularly, how do we boost productivity, how do we do it through human capital investment, how do we raise the quality and skills of our work force for the future economy, that is the core of the productivity debate – not Kevin Rudd’s say so. Read every OECD report and every Productivity Commission report that’s been produced. This is the battleground for the economic debate and I challenge Mr Howard to join it, because the numbers are against him in terms of the data which has been produced on declining productivity growth.

Man. Bring back the fork in the road.

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