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It takes more than a nationwide Citroen cookout to disturb Ronald McDonald, who remains jaunty in the face of immolation. Perhaps he’s contemplating this column by Paul Belien:

While Paris burns, Poland does not. Isn’t that strange? The Poles have an unemployment rate which is as high as the unemployment rates in French suburbs …

Deeply puzzling. And from Mark Steyn:

In Normandy, it’s not just the cheese that’s soft and runny. Granted that France’s over-regulated sclerotic economy profoundly obstructs the social mobility of immigrants, even Mr Debris – whoops, sorry – even Mr Debré cannot be so out of touch as to think “seriously” that the rioters are rioting for “a fairer, more fraternal society”. But maybe he does. The political class and the media seem to serve as mutual reinforcers of their obsolete illusions. Or as the Washington Post’s headline put it: “Rage of French youth is a fight for recognition”.

Actually, they’re very easy to “recognise”: just look out the window, they’re the ones torching your Renault 5.

It’s currently early morning in France; only 814 cars burned overnight, compared to 1400 destroyed the evening prior. Things are improving all the time!

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