Quoth the turkey: evermore

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Lyle the Poet – or, in this case, Lyle the Poe – presents a verse for the witching hour:

I hear a bird a-pecking,
Pecking at my chamber door;
Could the bird a-pecking be
The Plastic Bird of War?

In fear I hear the pecking,
Pecking at my mortal core;
Who can ignore the pecking
Of the Plastic Bird of War?

My brain echoes the pecking,
And tho’ my blood doth roar,
I rise to check the pecking –
Can it be the Bird of War?

As I approach the pecking,
My heart can stand no more;
I wring the knob as if it were
The Plastic Bird of War

There is no bird a-pecking,
Just Tim Blair looking sore:
‘Idiot, there’s no such thing
As the Plastic Bird of War.’

Posted by Tim B. on 03/05/2008 at 11:23 AM
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