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The Margo Kingston Revival rolls on:

Hello. What does the Australian flag represent? Would you wear it on your face or around your neck? Why or why not?

These questions are in my mind this Australia Day because Today Tonight just rang again to see if I’d be, again, the sole person they could find with ambivalent feelilngs about the matter …

And ambivalent spelling, which is your guarantee this is 100% genuine Margo and not some cheap spellcheck-aware imposter. As it happens, Margo isn’t ambivalent about the flag at all:

Because of my angle of vision, I see the flag as symbolising the war on Iraq, the war on refugees and Howard’s war on the rule of law, once fundamental to our British Heritage, and on human rights for all Australians.

“The war on Iraq”, Margo? The war in which Iraqi and coalition troops are fighting on the same side? Is Iraq’s government fighting … Iraq?

But that’s just me.

And it’s wonderful to have you back. One thing, though; how come you’ve ditched “G’day” as a greeting? Is it too Australian, and thus symbolic of “the war on Iraq, the war on refugees and Howard’s war on the rule of law”? As in her earlier era, Margo’s people provide a wealth of insightful commentary:

• Martin Gifford: “Personally, I do not consider myself to be an Australian – I’m a human being, an Earthling, and a Universian.”

• Bryan Law: “What’s a Humvee?”

• Solomon Wakeling: “I am boiling some chamomile. I have not been up this late in weeks.”

And from Margo herself …

• Margo: “I wish I had had some (any) commercial savvy, because then I wouldn’t have bankrupted myself in a deluded rush to maintain momentum post-independence before funding came through.”

Weirdly, Today Tonight’s go-to gal for flag-ragging also offered a tennis tip:

• Margo: “I reckon Gonzalez can win it. He’s hot as – can he stay there?”

Naturally, Gonzalez lost in straight sets.

(Via Rod F.)

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