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Whose crazy idea was it to invade Iraq? Robert Fisk knows:

I will always remember how President Clinton announced that Saddam Hussein—another of our grotesque inventions—must be overthrown so that the people of Iraq could choose their own leaders. But if that happened, it would be the first time in Middle Eastern history that Arabs have been permitted to do so.

That crazy neo-con! Here’s a round-up of various figures involved in Iraq’s Saddamectomy, including Jessica Lynch, ‘Chemical Ali’, and Hans Blix. And from Think Progress (“featuring hard-hitting research and analysis you can’t find anywhere else”) a timeline starring our favourite fictional fowl:

NOVEMBER 28, 2003: Bush makes surprise Thanksgiving visit to Iraq, poses with fake turkey

UPDATE. Do enjoy the raw opinions of Gitmo resident Ali Abdul Motalib Hassan al-Tayeea.

UPDATE II. Tim Hames:

It has become fashionable in certain US neo-conservative circles to declare that Iraq has been “lost” and to wash their hands of the enterprise. I have never been part of that fraternity. It seems to me that their logic is dubious. Iraq has not been “lost”—there is still a reasonable chance that by the actual seventh anniversary of the incursion the vast majority of people there will be more content than ever before. It is the enslaved Middle East beyond Iraq that has been “lost” and thus remains an intense threat to our security.

(Via Alan R.M. Jones)

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