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Last updated on July 16th, 2017 at 12:11 pm

The New York Times exposes a demonic Bushler scheme:

Iraq is a long way to go for a photo op, but not for President Bush, who is pulling out all the stops to divert public attention from his failed Iraq policies …

Bush diverts attention from Iraq by visiting Iraq. How does that work, exactly? In other evil George news, the SMH seeks out local Presidential critic (and “nutrionist”) Vicki Flood:

A Sydney nutrionist is now chastening US President George Bush over his choice of food during an official lunch today.

Vicki Flood, from Sydney University’s Centre for Public Health Nutrition, said Mr Bush’s plate, piled up with surf ‘n’ turf with only a hint of vegetables, was a particularly unhealthy sight.

“The main concern with the plate is the quantity of the protein-rich foods, with a very small amount of vegetables and no breads at all,” Dr Flood said.

“The sausages are probably a higher-fat choice of meat and the T-bone generally is a higher-fat meat choice as well, so the meat choice alone, the quantity of the meat, is the concern.”

Hey, at least they’re not claiming the steak was plastic. There’s progress for you.

(Via Peter W., who emails: “He was at a BBQ, for God’s sake. What a pack of dribbling idiots.”)

UPDATE. Dubya toys with the SMH’s Annabel Crabb:

“Oh, you people are recording my every move here, aren’t you?” he drawled. “I tell you what, I’ll help you out. Here’s your first sentence. ‘The President takes a spoon …”’

“In your right hand or your left hand?” the Herald asked, slightly bewildered but happy to be in the frame for some high-level one-on-one, even if only on the topic of the cold buffet.

“Yes. Important. He takes the spoon in his right hand, and he takes some salad. But how many pieces? One, two … “

Whereupon the leader of the free world proceeded, as a friendly service to the readers of The Sydney Morning Herald, to count out pieces of spiral pasta as he dropped them one by one on to his plate. “Eight!” he concluded. “Eight noodles! There’s your story. Nice helping you out!”

Posted by Tim B. on 09/05/2007 at 11:47 AM