Priests mocked

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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 03:11 pm

Miranda Devine on religious fanatics:

Every time I write an article pointing out there is no scientific consensus on the extent of man-made – as opposed to natural – climate change, or that attacks on genetically modified food are flawed, I am accused, quite seriously, of being on the payroll of Monsanto or Western Mining.

The violent, incoherent, mouth-frothing fury from greenies to such columns puts me in mind of the insane reaction in the Islamic world to the Danish Muhammad cartoons.

Environmentalism is the powerful new secular religion and politically correct scientists are its high priests, rescuing the planet from the apocalypse of climate change, as the Doomsday clock ticks down. Kyoto is the Promised Land and Bush/Howard/capitalism/industry/farmers are Satan.

I get the same sort of mail. Because I don’t trust the landfill people—for all I know, they could be running a secret recycling program—I usually burn it.

RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS UPDATE. We have a moderate Muslim alert out of the UK:

Muslims should have “broader shoulders” when it comes to issues of free speech such as the Danish cartoons, a Lib Dem home affairs spokesman has said.

Kishwer Falkner, who is a Muslim, said her community must be “tolerant” and “learn the art of peaceful dissent”.

She said freedom of speech was not just a Western concept but it was necessary in any pluralistic society.

Well said.

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