Prices rising faster than seas

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Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 06:24 am

Further to this post on ocean-threatened properties somehow rising in value despite promised rising sea levels:

A beachfront block in the South-West will set a state record for a single residential site if it sells for more than $10 million when tenders close this month.

In other water-themed news, Jeremiah Magan, managing editor of California’s Fullerton College Hornet, believes seafloor earthquakes are a sign of global warming:

Despite the fact that Fullerton set record high temperatures for the month of March, people still have a hard time believing that global warming is real. The weather patterns are rapidly changing and becoming more extreme all over.

The tsunami in the South Pacific, Hurricane Katrina and the unseasonable heat in late winter and early spring are all signs that the weather is just going to continue changing.

This was published last month, so presumably refers to the massively deadly 2004 Boxing Day tsunami. More global warming happened yesterday, Jeremiah! Consider your faith validated.

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