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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 12:44 pm

The Sun-Herald’s Peter FitzSimons delivers (no link available) the predicted backlash against Todd Russell and Brant Webb:

[I hear] from a well-connected publishing source that if the book deal with Todd’n’Brant wasn’t done late last week, it will likely be done early this week. The figures are still spongy but, when the contract is signed, it will likely be just over $500,000, out of which they will have to find the money to get a writer who can turn the manuscript around in eight weeks, so they can capture the Christmas market. If they can’t find that writer—and rest assured it is not this little black duck—it will more likely come out in about April of next year.

FitzSimons wouldn’t demean himself by writing about these guys. Rest assured.

The bloke handling the pair, Sean Andersen, is a good operator, but if I were him I would advise Todd’n’Brant not to wear rock-star dark glasses as they emerge through customs in Los Angeles. Just a thought …

If I were FitzSimons, I wouldn’t presume to tell two men who survived a mine collapse what sunglasses they might choose to wear at airports. Just a thought.

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