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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 02:42 pm

Cyclone Wati, hanging around off the north Queensland coast in Cyclone Larry’s wake, is acting weird:
Earlier predictions had Wati turning hard right; instead it seems to have gone all lefty. Whatever, so long as it stays away. Meanwhile:

* Sports stars urge that people donate to rebuild north Queensland, which you can do by calling 1800 150 411 (Australian readers) or by donating online (Australian and overseas readers);

* The Federal Government has announced a $100 million relief package;

* Many offers for help have arrived from overseas;

* Innisfail residents, many of them homeless, are being fed by tireless volunteers;

* Tasmanian famers are setting up a relief fund;

* Total Larry damage is estimated at one billion dollars;

* Hundreds of frustrated, hungry, and broke Larry victims yesterday lined up in Innisfail for food, water, and relief money;

* Lakemba mosque will donate all collections from this Friday’s sermons to victims of Larry;

* Fears remain that some may have been killed by the cyclone;

* Victoria has pledged $100,000 to cyclone relief;

* Torrential rain has slowed the delivery of relief supplies;

* Australia’s four major banks will contribute at least $1 million each to the recovery effort;

* Bananas are tipped to hit $9 per kilo;

* Pictures of the destruction here.

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