“popular in prisons”

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Further to the love affair between Jew-hating Osama-hugger David Hicks and bearded apocalyptologist Tim Flannery:

Flannery is popular in prisons.

Well, there’s a line for the next dust jacket.

When Playboy featured an extract from his climate change bestseller The Weather Makers, the environmental scientist was flooded with fan mail from US inmates. What Flannery didn’t know was that his works had also found their way to a prison in Cuba.

Nice fan-base you’ve got, Professor.

Flannery was unaware of Hicks’ interest in his books, but he is tickled by it. “Wow,” he says. “That’s fantastic.”

“Fantastic”? Does Flannery even know

what type of person Hicks is? Hey, maybe he does.

When he hears of this, Hicks is chuffed. He tells [his lawyer] he’d be “honoured” to meet Flannery.

What a meeting that would be. Who knows what zany schemes this duo might come up with! Hey, remember how Dave’s supporters told us he’d lost weight in Gitmo, and what a tragedy that was?

Still, from all accounts Hicks is improving. He’s lost a lot of weight …

So now it’s a good thing.

Hicks himself is worried he’ll say something stupid.

Given his record, that’s a fair concern. And given her record of publishing garbage, no wonder Louise Adler is sniffing around:

Louise Adler, publisher at Melbourne University Press, has been talking to Terry Hicks, and she’s not alone … “I do
think a book … on what takes a young man from Adelaide all the way to Guantanamo Bay would be a fascinating story and I don’t think there’d be a publisher in the country who wouldn’t be interested.”

Here’s the short version, Louise: he wanted to kill people.

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