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Last updated on July 16th, 2017 at 04:30 pm

Last week’s column may tell of events to come, if we keep seeing this type of dire polling. Still, Kevin Rudd remains in the happy position of being able to promise everything to everyone (reduced carbon emissions! AND cheaper petrol!) – a situation that’ll change once we move into actual election mode.

In Presbyterian developments, last Sunday morning Mr Bingley actually lured me to his New Jersey church; possibly the first time I’ve been inside such a place for 30 years or so without anyone getting married or buried. Highlight: Bingley’s excellent singing (three hymns performed in duet). Lowlight: communion wine replaced by some kind of cranberry-flavoured substance. It burns!

Upcoming: midwestern antics. Stay tuned.

UPDATE. One reason not to be too sad at the prospect of a Howard defeat is that lately he’s become creepy greenish:

“Apart from the normal trade and economic issues, we’ll be talking a lot about climate change,” Mr Howard said.

“APEC will be the first meeting which brings together both China and the United States, and they are the principal polluters, they’re the two countries that have the largest volume of greenhouse gas emissions.”

Good luck changing that, pal.

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