Plastic turkey frenzy

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Last updated on March 5th, 2018 at 01:45 pm

Mother Sheehan, shown here at a triumphant book signing, joins the plastic turkey conspiracy:

I have met so many amazing, loving, and delightful people since I started my quest to end the occupation of Iraq. My Gold Star Families are especially dear to me. In their tragedies they have found a way to bring their horrible grief to the forefront of the American consciousness and help America see the terrible price some of us have had to pay. One of my Gold Star Moms had her son commit suicide two years ago as George was smirkingly serving the plastic turkey.

Question: is Sheehan lying or is she the victim of poor intelligence? Also joining the plasticists is Kevin Zeese:

In 2003 President Bush made a surprise visit to the troops in Iraq, put on an Army jacket and served the troops a turkey. The photograph and video of a smiling president serving the loyal troops was played throughout the country – over and over. Only later did we discover that the service was a staged event and the turkey was plastic.

Except we’d learned earlier that it wasn’t! Jeff Alworth is yet another plastic turkey newbie:

After invading Iraq, Bush celebrated Thanksgiving with the troops. Pictures of him in front of a golden turkey were whisked to FOX News, who was trying to help give birth to another myth. (The turkey was a plastic fake and the soldiers got the same old KBR offering.)

These people are idiots.

Posted by Tim B. on 11/28/2005 at 07:17 AM
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