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Last updated on July 2nd, 2017 at 08:59 am

Cricket’s politeness crisis – here’s an interesting Indian view – now spreads to the genteel world of rugby league:

Parramatta great Ray Price has finally been given the “ultimate kick in the guts” – with his beloved club refusing to fund a statue in his honour …

“Oh, this really is the ultimate kick in the guts, it just doesn’t get any lower,” Price fumed.

The kicker is Parramatta boss Denis Fitzgerald, about whom Price isn’t nice:

“I’ve always known Denis was jealous but this really proves the bloke is an absolute f…wit.

“I mean, this is the bloke who’s been at Parramatta two decades and achieved diddly squat.

“He doesn’t give a s… about the club or its fans. The bloke has only ever cared about himself.

“So he doesn’t have to let the club put in for the statue, that’s fine. He can take his petty jealousies and shove them right up his a…”

Put this man on a cricket field! In other sporting developments, Indian bowler Shantha Sreesanth will always remain Sreesanth:

“I love the spotlight. The Aussies should be worried I am coming,” Sreesanth said.

“Sreesanth’s way is to be aggressive. Sreesanth will always remain Sreesanth.”

Sreesanth remained wicketless while conceding 25 runs in just three overs during last night’s loss against Australia. Batting, he was caught off the first ball he faced.

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