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Piers Akerman exposes David Marr’s secret shame:

Marr, a chap who has promoted the Sydney Mardi Gras but who was actually married for a brief period before coming to terms with his own sexuality …

Only yesterday, Murph was wondering if Marr was a “closet hetero”. His career at the SMH is as good as over. In other Marr/Masters smear reaction, here’s John Heard:

Masters demonstrates the hatred, the homophobia that seethes beneath the otherwise politically correct exterior of the modern Left. Sure, they seem to like homosexuals, but only if we walk and talk, live and lie, in the manner that the Left prefers …

The sheer arrogance of the attempt, the total lack of respect for another human being, his privacy or the plight of his brother homosexuals, is extraordinary. That The Sydney Morning Herald’s David Marr – another homosexual – could go on The Insiders on the ABC and defend his involvement in this nasty business only proves the power of the deception on display.

Such, at best, momentary abdications of common sense and humanity can stem only from a dissonance and the heresy: Jones is the perfect target and fair game.

Muslim forum pundit Ahmed is on the side of Marr and Masters:

I wonder how [Jones’] majority ultra conservative pensioner audience will react to his outing.

I expect they’ll call for him to be executed, Ahmed. The same way they did when Jones launched a book written by two lesbians. Two Jewish lesbians, as it happens. Those ultra-conservative pensioners are a bloodthirsty lot. Some in the gay community aren’t impressed by Jones’ outing:

Jones has not been the vanguard of anti-gay bigotry. It is perhaps the one issue on which he has remained most silent. He cannot be accused of hypocrisy for choosing to remaining closeted. To publish these selected extracts that deal exclusively with Jones’s homosexuality betrays a poor measure of character.

Meanwhile, Chris Masters has been doing some thinking:

I think that the secret self does intrude on public behaviour … I think it’s influential. I think that he couldn’t help himself to some degree … I don’t think the reason that Alan doesn’t talk about his sexuality has much to do with principle, you know. I think it’s got a lot to do with his history and his own life and what he’s said about who he is. I think he finds it extremely uncomfortable to talk about it.

I think Masters should be asked if he’s ever cheated on his wife. Possibly he’d feel a little uncomfortable talking about it, but, hey, those secrets could have intruded on his public behaviour. In the Courier-Mail, Paul Syvert blames Jones:

What is sad is that Jones himself has apparently never been publicly comfortable with his own sexual preferences.

To hide such things in itself creates an air that the subject matter is somehow taboo, that such sexual practices should be clandestine.

It furthers prejudice and discrimination, and weakens understanding, at a time when preferring the sexual company of men to that of women should be about as much of an issue as preferring Ford over Holden.

Masters and Marr evidently disagree.

(Via J.F. Beck)

UPDATE. Further thoughts from all-knowing Chris Masters:

If he could be honest about who he is, I don’t think he would feel any shame at all. I mean, I thinkit’s a pity that he appears to feel shame.

UPDATE II. What is it with lefties and outing? Phillip Adams outed Graham Kennedy; Germaine Greer outed Rachel Padman. It’s as though these people think they’re still in charge.

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