O bonza tree

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Last updated on July 27th, 2017 at 02:39 pm

We don’t celebrate Kwanzaa in Australia. Instead, we revel in Bonza, a day of traditional Australian cultural pursuits: songs, film, poetry, filling in applications for arts grants, and so on. Imre Salusinszky began this year’s Bonza a week early:

When I was a lass in Sassafrass,
There was nuthin’ we couldn’t handle,
With Uncle Fred’s shovel, or Uncle Bill’s pick,
Or Aunt Ethel’s “special” candle.
Fred’s shovel dug our mighty well,
Bill’s pick, it broke the stones some,
And as for Ethel’s candle, well,
In ‘Frass it could get lonesome …

Merry Bonza, everybody! And, for anybody not beholden to Australian traditions, please enjoy that Christmas thing that happens in some countries.

(Okay, Bonza aside, very best Christmas wishes to all readers, commenters, linkers, fellow bloggers, supporters, opponents, trolls, oafs, and infants, and all of your families. Have a great day—Tim)

Posted by Tim B. on 12/24/2005 at 01:17 PM
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