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Last updated on August 3rd, 2017 at 11:06 am

Webdiary houseboy Wayne Sanderson has hit on an ingenious method of earning money via the internet; he simply lifts subscriber-only content from the New York Times, posts it at his own site, and then charges people for the privilege of being alerted by email to this creative process. He’s been doing it for months, usually erasing the evidence after a day or so.

“But … but … isn’t this some kind of blatant breach of copyright?” you may ask. NO! It can’t be, because Wayne is bound to uphold the Holy Webdiary Ethical Charter of Honest Ethicals, and is therefore incapable of doing wrong. Although it might be interesting to get the NYT’s opinion.

UPDATE. Noting that Sanderson runs a copyright notice on pages filled by the work of others, Evil Pundit asks: “Why doesn’t Wayne sue the New York Times for publishing his copyrighted articles by Paul Krugman?”

UPDATE II. Scroll to the end of the lifted Krugman column and you’ll spot a credit/link reading “Paul Krugman/NYTimes”. That link takes you not to the NYT, but to Sanderson’s subscription page. Annual subscription $77; at current exchange rates, TimeSelect is ten bucks cheaper.

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