Do not trust the bees

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The Webdiary Community is torn apart! “Harry Heidelberg is a Webdiary columnist and a friend of mine,” wrote Margo Kingston last year, before Harry realised he’d been hanging around a bunch of lunatics whose economic theories were based on code expenses.

So Harry fled Kingston’s Krazyhouse and established his own site. A return visit last week ended unpleasantly:

Harry, you can’t say ‘we’ any more. You’ve declared yourself in competition with Webdiary. This is your last post here, Harry, unless you behave ethically when contributing to Webdiary from now on.

pronoun ban! That’ll teach him. Poor Harry’s been treated mean:

I provided them with their new online home and that is the thanks I get … Do not trust the worker bees of Webdiary. Censorship City.

UPDATE. Margo turns up on Fran Kelly’s Radio National program. Witness the Margo Effect at RN’s site:

This mornnig on breakfast we’re introducing a new segment – the Friday panel – gathering a few people together to discuss some of the key events of the week …

Her second guest was Margo Kingston – a voice well known to Radio National listeners – Margo was until recenlty editor of the Sydney Morning Herald webdiary – now she runs an independent Web Diary.

UPDATE II. Margo-Who-Is-Real decrees:

if you read my site (margo KIngson’s Webdiary) you are not allowed to read anyothre blogs on the internet anywhere. otherwise you are supporting my competition and also stealing food out of my pockets.

THat is all.

UPDATE III. Margo Kingston in 2003:

I believe that the people in my terrorist cell – you people – have got more brains than the other lot. The other lot has got the power, and we’ve got the brains. We have got to free our minds to use the brains.

Webdiary reader Jacob A. Stam is one of those free-minded brain users:

Margo, you may be amused to hear that Tim Blair has mentioned your good self on his blog, here quoting you as follows, “UPDATE II. Margok ingSton: for soe reason AMericans name there tornados. This one was named Catrina. which is American for Global warming.”

Unfortunately he failed to notice that this juicy example of “sickening anti-Americanism” is taken from that bogus Margo Kingston’s Webdiary (iliteracy in-action) site.

Ha! And from Michael Park, another brain-stacked Webdiary supergenius:

I have noticed Jacob that such salient facts have never really bothered the person of whom you write.

I recall a nit-picking take on Paul McGeogh’s Allawi report where the game seemed to be to count the number of people who may have known someone etc, etc.

Wonder if there’ll be a retraction? Don’t hold your breath.

On the other hand, do. It’s not as though any brains would be at risk.

(Via Craig Schwarze)

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