Nobody likes bags

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Last updated on July 2nd, 2017 at 01:02 pm

In China:

China is banning production of ultra-thin plastic bags common at shops and supermarkets and ordering customers to be charged for any they use …

Sort of like bullets. And in Australia:

The Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, [is] likely to impose either a levy on each bag handed to shoppers, or ban them outright within 12 months.

UPDATE. This is ridiculous:

The Government is under pressure to act quickly after the Chinese Government yesterday announced plans to ban free plastic bags within six months.

I suppose our government is also under pressure to introduce the death penalty. Previous blunders have reduced Peter Garrett to a mere Minister for Plastic Bags, but even in this limited role he’s still incapable of getting things right:

Mr Garrett told Sky News it is unacceptable that Australia generates so many plastic bags a year …

“We’ve certainly had a system in place that’s been voluntary up to now, where you’ve got people coming in to the supermarkets and they have the opportunity to take up those canvas bags.”

Via Alan R.M. Jones, who writes: “They’re not canvas; they’re made out of Bushitlerburton-generated polypropylene … and, interestingly, imported from China.”

Posted by Tim B. on 01/09/2008 at 07:04 PM
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