“no more thinking”

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Sunrise host Melissa Doyle is interviewed by not-online Vive magazine (“for women who mean business”):

“We are Australia’s first greenhouse-friendly TV show. We are completely carbon-neutral, and plant trees and buy carbon credits to offset our use.”

To achieve this claim, an auditor assessed every element of the show’s global impact – from the light bulbs to the hairspray.

“It is a big thing when we interview people who are experts in their own fields on the show, and they turn around and say how great we are about what we do,” Doyle says.

Don’t be so modest, Melissa.

The year got off to a good start for Doyle’s green agenda. Sunrise launched a campaign in January 2007 to reduce 100,000 tonnes of carbon emissions over four weeks, which it achieved …

Imagine how many more tonnes might have been reduced by cancelling Sunrise.

Also in January, conservationist and climate change advocate Tim Flannery was named Australian of the Year.

Flannery is advocating climate change?

“Tim Flannery now has such a platform,” she says. “His legacy will go on for years. Just to see him talking to school kids in Mt. Isa – that makes the difference.”

Makes the difference to what?

[Doyle’s] position on sustainability is very much influenced by her responsibilities as a parent.

“I don’t want my kids to say, ‘God Mum, why didn’t we do more?’,” Doyle says.

They call her “God Mum”? Why, Melissa’s a regular household Gaia.

“I want to teach them that this is the way of life. They turn the tap off while they are cleaning their teeth, they turn lights off, and my three-year-old has never played under a sprinkler.”

Wealthy Melissa is proud that her child is denied sprinkly water fun. These people are weird.

Most of Doyle’s home habits are the result of viewers’ suggestions. “I used to do all my thinking in the shower. Now I have an egg timer that goes off. No more thinking!”

We’ve noticed.

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