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Last updated on June 15th, 2017 at 12:35 pm

An important note from Margo Kingston:

Webdiary will close at midnight until Tuesday. Please minimise comments after midnight so I’m not faced with too many when I log on again.

Posted by Tim B. on 04/21/2005 at 09:07 AM
    1. Hv mnmsd cmmnt s rqstd.

      Posted by Evil Pundit on 04/21 at 09:16 AM • #


    1. Hm. ‘Too many’ comments would require… too much thinking?

      Posted by RebeccaH on 04/21 at 09:18 AM • #


    1. Oh, Rebecca, that’s NEVER a problem for Margo!

      Posted by Rob Crawford on 04/21 at 09:24 AM • #


    1. She doesn’t like to write it, she doesn’t like to read it, and she gets paid $4000 per month for it. No wonder she’s a leftie – they think it’s perfectly OK to get paid for doing nothing.

      Posted by Dave S. on 04/21 at 09:25 AM • #


    1. “Screw you, you ugly hag” is a minimized comment.  Just trying to help.

      Posted by wronwright on 04/21 at 09:31 AM • #


    1. Is she going somewhere? Why is the place closing?

      Posted by Aging Gamer on 04/21 at 09:33 AM • #


    1. *initiates Margospeak*

      Let’s defend our democracey and freedum of speach by telling our 47 redaers not too post to many coments to WebDairy.

      Posted by Leigh on 04/21 at 11:04 AM • #


    1. Whiner!
      Wuzza, wuzza, wuzza.

      Posted by m on 04/21 at 11:38 AM • #


    1. Jz, wht lzy btch.

      Posted by BruceW on 04/21 at 11:47 AM • #


    1. Bring back the Margo Embargo!

      Posted by Kofi Annan on 04/21 at 01:35 PM • #


    1. I’m tempted to go post “no comment” but that might be too subtle.

      Posted by Retread on 04/21 at 02:17 PM • #


    1. “Please minimise comments”

      I tried to. But when I minimize it, I can’t see what I’m writing. All I can see is that little window header at the bottom of the monitor.

      Hey, maybe that explains Margo’s mispellings. Right-click Restore, Margo!

      Posted by Dave S. on 04/21 at 02:29 PM • #


    1. It would be a good time to thank the little people.

      Posted by rhhardin on 04/21 at 03:07 PM • #


    1. I think she’s literally stopped the comments function. Unless she’s banned me, which is more than possible. I’d say likely.

      Posted by CB on 04/21 at 03:12 PM • #


    1. Now that Margo is a captain of her own industry she has awarded herself extended leave, 4 day weekend, serious chill time man, whilst the rest of us plebs are left to chip the weeds.

      And people call her stupid!

      Posted by rog2 on 04/21 at 05:08 PM • #


    1. How can you post comments to a webdiary that is closed?

      Another example of one of the graduates from the Enid Blyton university’s cultural studies department showing here powerful command of the written word with little or no aforethought.

      Posted by Louis on 04/21 at 05:45 PM • #


    1. Whoops one “e” too many – HER. (my excuse is I am still getting used to the Imac-mini I just installed at home. Nyaaa.

      Posted by Louis on 04/21 at 05:46 PM • #


    1. Minimize comments? Does that mean we should use, like, just really small words?

      Ok Margo. No want work you hard. Not talk too much till you back.

      Posted by localharbor on 04/21 at 07:18 PM • #


    1. Louis has just got a mac- mini!
      How ave you set it up? Is it part of a windows set up, with another mac,or on its poor little lonesome?

      Posted by entropy on 04/21 at 09:53 PM • #


    1. Funnily enough, PF Journey’s piece on China and India (to which Margo’s ridiculous comment is appended) is okay. I don’t agree with everything, but as far as analysis on Webdiary goes, it’s positively stellar. And then you get to the comments box. Australia’s foreign policy would be in better hands if it originated in the local zoo (the animals, not the keepers) than with this bunch of endangered species.

      Posted by Hanyu on 04/21 at 10:47 PM • #


    1. Tim, where would you be without Margo?  Tim without Margo would be like Austin Powers without Dr Evil, Sherlock Holmes without Professor Moriarty or Batman without the Joker.

      Posted by Stevo on 04/22 at 04:16 AM • #


    1. Hanyu interesting piece in the WSJ (subscription) about how the chinese govt has been ramping up the capital value of their companies to the detriment of shareholders.

      Posted by rog2 on 04/22 at 05:02 AM • #


    1. I just had to come back to this thread … if I put an “out of office” message on my work email that said “Please minimise emails so I’m not faced with too many when I log on again” I might not get the privilege to see if that request had been obeyed on my return to work.  Can’t the SMH afford to run the Web Dairy full-time?

      Posted by Stevo on 04/22 at 05:52 AM • #


    1. Stevo — Reed Richards without the Mole Man…

      Posted by richard mcenroe on 04/22 at 09:12 AM • #


    1. Richard — John Winger without Sgt. “Big Toe” Hulka.

      Posted by chinesearithmetic on 04/22 at 12:46 PM • #


    1. Stevo Margo(t) doesnt want to spread the dosh around, its called being economical, comments should now be expressed in $

      Posted by rog2 on 04/22 at 04:07 PM • #


    1. Tim, Margo has to be grateful to you.  You put her on the world map.  No one would’ve ever heard of her without you.  You deserve a cut from her salary.

      @evil pundit:  Does ‘u’ count as a vowel in ‘requested’?  Should you Minimization Engine been tweaked to make it ‘rqustd’?  Just trying to help.

      Posted by Jabba the Tutt on 04/22 at 05:05 PM • #


    1. Has everybody noted Margo’s request? Please don’t clog her inbox. Please let her enjoy the long weekend too. Stop posting or you’ll go blind.

      Posted by: Antonia Feitz at April 21, 2005 10:43 PM

      Antonia shut up!

      Posted by rog2 on 04/22 at 05:25 PM • #


    1. No Comment

      An important note from Stevo:

      Posted by Stevo on 04/22 at 05:26 PM • #


    1. She’s a lazy bint, simple as that. So she gets someone elseto write a provocative article, the SMH put a hyperlink on their main page, and voila, poor Margo actually has to put her bong down to attend to, shock, work duties. Its funny how people like Margo and Marilyn Shepherd have so much empathy for the average person, when none of them have to do what the average ‘Joe’ has to, a decent bloody days work.

      Posted by Nic on 04/22 at 06:50 PM • #


    1. It’s a virtual forum.  It’s not even a real place.  And the moonbats still can’t keep it open.  No wonder they believe in socialism.  They couldn’t run a newsstand on their own…

      Posted by richard mcenroe on 04/22 at 07:23 PM • #


    1. #31 richard mcenroe:
      The turn of phrase I’d use would be that they couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery or they couldn’t organise a root in a brothel … take your pick …

      Posted by Stevo on 04/23 at 03:43 AM • #


    1. I love Margo but she deletes most of my posts.

      I am currently struggling with her latest position on drug smugglers….

      “Todd, the issue is not whether they did wrong, but whether Australia should have helped the Indonesians when the result could be their deaths by Indonesian firing squad”.

      You got to admit, it pays to routinely drive through Balmain to get the correct bearings on reality….lol

      Posted by TT Tazman on 04/23 at 10:33 AM • #


    1. She’ll leave your posts up if they agree with her.  She’ll highlight them if you suck up to her.

      This is what she calls democracy and free speech – or as she calls them, deomcraci and free speach.

      Posted by wronwright on 04/23 at 12:31 PM • #


  1. Actual importance of the note: zero.  Care factor: nil.  Maybe could do better if paid more attention in class, instead of admiring own navel.

    Posted by CkHart on 04/24 at 09:25 AM • #