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From Christopher Hart’s review of Emily Cockayne’s Hubbub: Filth, Noise and Stench in England, 1600-1770:

The personal liberty of every freeborn Englishman and woman to spit, dump and defecate meant considerable misery for everyone. In the streets of London you would stumble over ‘the disagreeable Objects of bleeding Heads, Entrails of Beasts, Offals, raw Hides, and the Kennels flowing with Blood and Nastiness’. I never knew that ‘Mount Pleasant’, near Gray’s Inn, was actually a bitterly ironic name for a huge man-made heap of the most nauseous offal and ordure. It is now, of course, home to the Guardian newspaper.

(Via Rick M. in Toronto)

UPDATE. Meanwhile, British dentistry’s proud record takes a hit.

UPDATE II. “Good God!” writes mark from monroe. “I can only imagine what horrible cesspool was at the New York Times’ location on W. 43rd …”

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