No blood for schools

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Heil Howard’s bloodthirsty decision to help Japanese engineers build roads and schools in Iraq shames and terrifies us all. What might this sociopath, this – yes, I’ll say it – this dictator attempt next? Any man savage enough to actually assist multinational humanitarian missions could just as easily impose martial law, or institute conscription, or simply stab us to death as we sleep.

Did you know that Howard’s plan will provide aid and support for those restoring water supplies in Iraq’s south? That’s the kind of hateful bastard monster we’re dealing with here. He is sending our army to brutally protect people who are delivering water to Iraqis! It’s just like we’re living in Germany in 1938.

At least the churches are standing up to this tyrant and his fascist school, road, and water scheme. So is brave Margo Kingston, whose Webdiary has lately featured much informed discussion on this and other key Iraq issues. The following comments are from Margo herself:

Bush’s reckless adventure is near collapse. America’s power is waning fast.

the Iraq project is dead

some are reporting that the resistance is effectively laying seige to the capital.

it kept on stuffing up until the situation became unsalavageable.

I’m not a machine, I’m a human being.

you don’t think oil was a major reason for invading Iraq? If so you’re pretty lonely on that front

the resistance is not only comprised of terrorists; it includes fighters attacking the occupying power.

Does anyone know why the Americans use depleted uranium in their bombs?


the Coalition of the Willing is crumbling, security is worsening, the Americans have run out of troops to send

I support Margo’s stand. I’d like to see her carrying this sign at the next big anti-war rally: “DO NOT BUILD SCHOOLS IN IRAQ. LET JAPANESE HUMANITARIANS BE SHOT. NO WATER FOR AL-MUTHANA PROVINCE.”


UPDATE. Margo is weary: “Tiredness is setting in, I’m afraid, and the skipping of a few corners.” She should take a tip from Webdiary reader Russell Darroch: “I watched Lateline, then had to take a loooong walk in the moonlight!”

Good thinking, Russell. Moonbats need their moonjuice!

Posted by Tim B. on 02/24/2005 at 09:19 PM
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