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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 06:44 am

* Lefty Andrew West praises Mark Steyn: “Sometimes—often, in fact—it takes our opponents to jolt us out of this convenient ignorance … we can’t ignore Steyn’s warning.”

* Alkhobar police take action against an unruly teen: “The teenager was cruising on Alkhobar streets proud of a sign in the back window that said ‘I Have Your Sister With Me’”.

* Tim Dunlop predicts the big events of 2006.

* Comical online poll results; apparently 39% of Australians don’t care if Iran is building nuclear weapons.

* Two major religions combine: “Evangelical Christian leaders [are preparing] a statement on climate change … The climate change statement, being crafted by several evangelical leaders nationwide, could call for curbs on emissions of greenhouse gases.”  More on the Green Jesus movement here. Might be of interest to John Quiggin.

* News from 1969, part one: A man whose Corvette was stolen 36 years ago has been reunited with his now-vintage ‘Vette. Alan Poster’s vehicle was the 6,620th reported stolen in NYC by January 22 of that year.

* About Miss Bo Peep at left: I turned down a PETA ad last week because it featured the same image we’d already been looking at for two weeks. This ad, however, was accepted immediately.

* To celebrate, tonight I ate roast lamb.

* News from 1969, part two: “A Vietnam war deserter has been arrested in Texas after 36 years on the run.”

Bill Steigerwald is not impressed by The New Yorker.

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