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Last updated on August 6th, 2017 at 05:54 am

I’m back, having abandoned all other responsibilities. Now let’s get these brieflets moving:

• Jim Treacher disagrees with Mark Steyn’s “corrosive passivity” call over Virginia Tech; Damian Penny rounds up the massacre’s non-Cho causes.

• Nicolas Sarkozy leads in polls prior to the French election.

• Tim Lambert: quote doctor!

• This 1984 Ford F150 costs $100 less than a John Edwards haircut.

• James Lileks: “I’m convinced that label design is the single greatest factor in impulse wine sales.” Agreed; although websites might also be a factor.

• Brian Lara retires.

• Via Slatts, this is remarkable.

• Jules Crittenden picks a previous winner as his Miss America 2007.

• Colby Cosh invents a word.

• The Age reports: “Bad news for those worried that the internet’s population seems a little self-obsessed: the top blog on a list of Australia’s top 100 blogs is a blog about blogging.” An unusual means of assessment was involved.

• A warning from al-Qaeda: do not place tomatoes next to cucumbers.

• Chinese scientists have duplicated the Gore Effect.

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