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Last updated on July 24th, 2017 at 11:50 am

* Sound advice for reporters: “Don’t get stuck on stupid.”

* Conspiracy theorist Glenn Condell searches for an adequate explanation:

There’s a school of thought that Atta and the others were cultivated by Mossad or CIA (or both), who conned them into thinking they were working for Osama. There is still no adequate explanation for the hundreds of Israeli ‘students’ who descended on the US in the months leading to 911 and who settled in areas close to where the 911 bombers were living. Were they ‘running’ them? Were they surveilling? Was it all a huge coincidence? Who knows.

* Angela Bell has a brilliant idea for Mike Munro.

* Don’t miss Tex’s hilarious confrontation with a tyrant-loving Greens candidate. There are no gulogs!

* Darlene Taylor discovers the similarities between Ja’mie King and D’arp Hau.

* Antony Loewenstein has an each-way bet on terrorism.

* NYC reader trexkilla writes: “I had to drive through the middle of Cindy Sheehan’s Flying (Media) Circus to get home yesterday afternoon. I didn’t see Mother Sheehan but I did spot a gentleman with a poster that said ‘Stop Dick Cheney’s Nuclear 9-11!’ WTF?

“So I rolled down my window and yelled, ‘Dick Cheney loves you!’ Because it’s true. Dick Cheney is Love, see.”

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