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Last updated on July 2nd, 2017 at 08:15 am

Attention, Craig Mc – the beer is here. Oh, yes. But not for long. (Will post a label image soon.)

UPDATE. The glorious beer:
Click for embiggening.

• “The Anglicans here in this country claim to care about the environment,” writes Christopher S. Johnson. “So guess where the church’s Executive Council is having its upcoming meeting? Over the Internet in order to reduce their carbon feetprint deals? Nope. Ecuador.”

UPDATE: “Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano shot columns of ash miles into the air on Wednesday, as officials ordered the evacuation of 3,000 villagers living near its slopes …”

• An old song to make lefties smile. Don’t say there’s never anything at this site for you poor people.

• If Marian Wilkinson were reporting from China, what would she write?

• Knock, knock, knocking on Britain’s door

• Mike D. tracks down a secondhand copy of the wonderful They’re a Weird Mob – for $US149.

• One ball of the day … that’s something. But two balls of the day? Unbeatable.

• At 85, San Mateo’s John Waggy might not be this site’s oldest daily reader, but if there’s one who’s older, well, I think John could probably beat him up. Look for John, who recently sent me a very kind card, to show up shortly in comments.

• The red-headed stranger is becoming stranger by the day.

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