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Last updated on June 24th, 2017 at 10:25 am

• “Have you been hit by the power blackouts?” asks the Age. “Email us at .” But how?

• A government report on Victoria’s “stressed environment” worries that “80% of private land [has been] cleared since European settlement.” Well, yes; that’s where people put houses and cities and such.

• It’s the shortest strike in Australian maritime history: “Dock workers around Australia have observed a minute’s silence to mark the 10th anniversary of Australia’s massive waterfront dispute.”

• Damian Penny has a challenge for troofers.

• We’ve gone past round three of the AFL season and I’ve only just now realised that North Melbourne are calling themselves North Melbourne again. Good for them.

• Germany wants compensation for increased CO2 emissions due to phasing out clean nuclear energy.

• “Doom is coming – doom, I say.” Lyle presents an alarmist view.

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