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Last updated on June 15th, 2017 at 04:49 pm

* Currency Lad identifies Wojtyla Derangement Syndrome.

* Fear Sploid, the new Gawker tentacle run by Ken Layne. Cathy Seipp covers instant Sploid backlash, led by old New Media identity Matt Drudge.

* Alan E. Brain, who taught Midshipman Matthew Goodall at the Australian Defence Force Academy in 1999, reflects on the Sea King tragedy.

* Michael Totten is posting live from Lebanon.

* Stay in touch with all Vatican developments via Vaticam.

* Is removing your shoes worth $800 million?

* Earn big bucks in the Australian mining boom.

* C’mon, Clive James! Update!

* Stephen Pollard takes a punt: “My guess is that Lexi is the only Italian lesbian neocon blogger.”

* Houston reader bc is coming to Australia, and requests the following: a Bed and Breakfast recommendation in the Hunter Valley next February; a good scuba dive operator in Cairns; and a good dinner cruise operator at Sydney Harbour. “Just thinking of this trip to help thank my Aussie friends keeps me going,” he writes. “A direct email response would be appreciated.” Drop me a line when you arrive, bc. Drinks on me.

* Acidman lists his top ten most hated people.

* Roger L. Simon may have issues with Spartacus’s choice of the coolest house in LA.

* What do you call grandparents? Besides “old”?

* The sexiest jobs, as polled by
Flight attendant
Interior designer
Event planner

* Speaking of sexy reporters … Dawn Eden is in love!

* Wogblog declares: “Mahmood is the rockingest Arab and his Daughter is a Honey.”

* Can you believe that The Age still hasn’t fixed all the typos and gibberish in its world correspondent biographies?

* A belated link to Tex’s observations on John Pilger, Australia’s answer to the question: “In what cases should the persistently vegetal be denied food?”

* I turned 40 on Saturday, and have therefore lost any ability to communicate with the physical world, so I don’t recognise any of Australian TV’s most underrated presenters. Except one, who is mostly recalled via vodka-fuelled yelling.

* Stephen Green meets a condor at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: “If I’d have known how freakin’ ugly they were, I would never have gotten so concerned about their endangerment.”

* Andrea Harris calls, and Orlando Sentinel columnist Myriam Marquez responds.

* Do NOT tell Ms Baines’ daughter what to do at school.

* Bjørn Stærk reports that Norwegian journalists follow global standards: “67% say they support left-of-center parties, 3% support the Progress Party. As I’ve written before, I don’t believe left-wing dominance is the real problem with the Norwegian media, but it’s an important symptom, and it’s a symptom that should be acknowledged and discussed. What is going on when the media is out of touch with its readers? Can we trust a media that appears to exclude supporters of Norway’s largest right-wing party?”

* A book by someone who’s been unemployed for 20 years. Hope he hasn’t followed the “write what you know” rule.

* Harry Hutton reports from Peru: “Went to see the Indians today, to learn about their traditional culture of living in huts and having a bad time.”

* That Bill Clinton sure got around.

* Some photographs, though deserving, will never win a Pulitzer Prize.

* Beware the stealthy, sensitive type.

* I know of three dogs named Nelson. One of them is unwell.

* Farm Accident Digest has ceased to be. Will return in another shape-shifting form.

* Still on farms: give your chickens the best.

* An Iraqi reports news in Iraq via a Polish immigrant in Australia.

* Lileks rates the states.

* It’s Little League opening night! Hey, one day this tiny slugger might be good enough to play cricket. In other cricket news: The Guardian forgets Lindsay Kline and Slasher Mackay.

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