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Last updated on June 15th, 2017 at 12:25 pm

* “This is the most exciting place I’ve ever been in my life.” Salma Hayek visits Baffin Island’s Frobisher Bay.

* Think you know your 70s lyrics? Then take Charles Austin’s 70s lyrics quiz!

* “To celebrate the 60th anniversary of Soviet victory in World War II a circus show will dress monkeys as Nazis and have them act in wartime stories.”

* I would like to ride this Subaru quadbike. No; correction. I would like to watch someone ride this Subaru quadbike.

* Andrew Bolt responds to crazy Hannie Rayson: “No one is telling you to shut up, Hannie. I’m asking you only to tell the truth when you claim to tell it. Why do you find the facts so threatening?” Also from Bolt: an examination of Peter Garrett’s nuke stance.

* The far Left, which lost it long ago, continues losing that which is it.

* Quentin George on Pope smearers: “It’s an interesting world where you can talk about the ‘Fundamentalist Zionist lobby [that] controls media and politics in the US and Australia’ and escape any kind of punishment at all, but be a fourteen year old boy who was forced into a organisation against your will, and the moonbats will attack.”

* Hot dogs are killers.

* James Lileks returned to full-time Bleating a week ago. In his honour, here’s a piece on an auction of fittings and stuff at a 108-year-old bar.

* Derek Sapphire salutes health-conscious spit-victim Jane Fonda.

* Millionaires are openly plotting to take over politics, and the left doesn’t seem to care!

* Commenter Mushtaq Omar—who once sent me an email claiming that he endures “continual racist taunts from society generally”—turns out to be plain ol’ David Heidelberg, Queenslander.

* Oil for food, eh.

* The final numbers are in on US donations to tsunami relief efforts.

* Jackass of the week: Markos Moulitsas Zúniga.

* ALP member Martin Pike retracts his earlier wish that the Pope be assassinated.

* Las Vegas is infested with moths and parrot heads.

* Naomi Klien says capitalism is advancing, but Fat Bob No Pants says capitalism is in retreat. Which ponderous bore is correct?

* The people of Cuba—highest literacy rate in the world, you know—finally have something worth reading.

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