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Last updated on March 6th, 2018 at 12:30 am

* Accuracy in Media examines Gannongate, and finds that it’s a non-story. But he asked the President a soft question! And he’s gay!

* LGF ups the ante yet again: “Chimpy Cowboy Hitlerstein”.

* Cuba’s wonderful health system. Just as well everybody there is literate, so they can write terrific farewells to the earthly realm. (UPDATE: Fidel is angry. Don’t give yourself a heart attack, old man.)

* From Australia’s national archives:

Dated 13 March 1963, this note from an officer of the Trade Commissioner Service to his director outlines nine reasons why women should not be appointed trade commissioners. Possible drawbacks included:

* not being able to mix freely with businessmen
* the possibility of turning into a ‘battleaxe’
* having to run a household as well as holding down a job
* taking the place of a man

Miranda Devine has more on this old-timey memo, and related issues.

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