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Last updated on June 24th, 2017 at 10:28 am

We’ve become a nation of jittery warmochondriacs:

Australians are getting so anxious about climate change that they are seeing their doctors for help.

What do they expect doctors to do about it? Prescribe snow?

In a speech tonight to mark World Health Day, Dr Grant Blashki says climate change is already having direct and indirect effects on Australia’s health, and the problems are set to get worse …

He said patients who came to him with depression or anxiety were increasingly citing climate change news as something they were having trouble coping with. “These people tend to have a low threshold to taking on worries. When they pick up the paper and see a small part of Antarctica disintegrating, they take it on board,” he said. “They pick up on the negative things going on in the world.”

It’s even worse than that, doc; they’re picking up on negative things that aren’t going on in the world. Naturally, Dr Warmy is all fired up for Ruddlemania:

Dr Grant Blashki, who has been trained as a climate-change warrior by former United States vice-president Al Gore, has been placed in the population, sustainability, climate change and water-working group.

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