Nbc tells europe, ‘shove it’

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An NBC piece on last year’s goodwill tour by Karen Hughes:

Best known for her behind-the-scenes work as President Bush’s former message master and adviser, Karen Hughes stepped out in a new role this week — taking on the tall task of improving America’s image abroad.

That task may become even more difficult … thanks to NBC itself, as Time’s Sydney-based Rory Callinan reports:

NBC wants some major events at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing rescheduled so they’ll air in prime time in the U.S. …

NBC has asked the International Olympic Committee to take the extraordinary step of scheduling the swimming finals in the morning in Beijing — which, since the city is 12 hours ahead of East Coast time, would position them ideally for a live U.S. broadcast.

This unilateral act of US arrogance—NBC wants other events shifted to mornings, too—would deny European and Asian viewers a chance to watch those events in normal viewing hours. You’d think NBC would be more sensitive to perceptions of US meddling in foreign affairs, no? I mean, it’s not as though NBC is unaware of certain views abroad:

America tells Europe, ‘Shove it’

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