Mother moves on

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Last updated on August 5th, 2017 at 02:56 pm

Mark Steyn farewells Mother Sheehan:

Cindy Sheehan announced this week that she’s retiring from …well, whatever it is she does. She had a grand old run, spending two years being flown around not just America but the world, all the way to Australia. Alas, ingratitude is the prerogative of the people, as the late Shah of Iran once observed. And Cindy has been playing to smaller and smaller crowds, raking in less and less money and selling fewer copies of the many books she’s cranked out. The final straw was being rebuked by Democrats for her criticism of their weathervane Senators. She’s a sad figure and it speaks very poorly for the integrity of the anti-war left and their supporters in the media that they were willing to promote so assiduously someone who’s so obviously suffering from a freakish form of mental illness.

Also from Steyn:

In Gaza, Islamic Jihad is planning to send waves of female suicide bombers into action against the Zionist Entity. Asked by an Israeli reporter whether self-detonating ladies enjoy the same 72-virgin deal as the lads, an Arab scholar said no, but that the gals will be served in Paradise by “dwarfs.” Snow White got seven dwarfs, but it’s unclear whether Blow White will get the full 72: Sleepy, Grumpy, Bashful, etc., all the way down to Incendiary, Non-Alcoholic and Anti-Zionist.

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