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I’ll post the remainder of this year’s quotes (see below) in a day or so. Meanwhile, check out an excellent year in quotes recorded by North Carolina’s Hickory Daily Record:

“We’ve probably had 200 to 300 people come by and ask us about the name. Our last name is Little and they’re asses, so it just makes sense.”—Bobby Little Jr., 48, speaking of the name of his Conover miniature donkey farm, Little Ass Farms

“It looked like Jed Clampett’s bankroll.”—Carol Wolfe, shopper who found $1,227 in a skirt at a Plum Pretty consignment shop in Hickory

“You go by what feels right. Not every person has the wherewithal to do this.”—Vicki Comer, injured squirrel rehabilitator, commenting on the challenges of her job

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