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Maureen Dowd believes that a “cultural shift” is “turning 2005 into 1968”. Oh, how she must wish that it were so; in 1968, Dowd was 16.

Posted by Tim B. on 09/05/2005 at 11:16 AM
    1. Meow! Oh Tim, you rock my world. 😀

      Posted by Andrea Harris, Administrator on 09/05 at 11:25 AM • permalink


    1. Does she say it like it’s a good thing? What pisses me off most about old hippies is their nostalgia for the worst period in American history.

      Posted by Dave S. on 09/05 at 11:32 AM • permalink


    1. Glad to see you’re in touch with your feminine side, Tim.  I can’t think of a more catty, or a more true comment.  As Anastasia Beaverhausen says, “We laugh because it’s true”.

      Posted by Polly on 09/05 at 11:32 AM • permalink


    1. Heh, you do realize it is just a few short years away before people starts teasing you on your age, Tim?

      So relish those few short years… by insulting those older than you. Or you’re live to regret it.

      Posted by Rajan R on 09/05 at 12:35 PM • permalink


    1. It’s already happening, Rajan. Luckily my vegan diet and chaste lifestyle have granted me the eternal appearance of a healthy 18-year-old.

      Posted by Tim B. on 09/05 at 12:41 PM • permalink


    1. “…in 1968, Dowd was 16.”

      I think she still is, if the quality of her writing is any guide.

      Posted by DanG on 09/05 at 12:59 PM • permalink


    1. Jesus – she’s 53! From her writing, I figured she was some giggling adolescent; now I see that she’s just another boomer who never grew up. I wonder if she still wears miniskirts and platforms?

      Posted by Urbs in Horto on 09/05 at 01:15 PM • permalink


    1. Why would MoDo want the world to change from 2005 to 1968?

      Remember, the original boogeyman of liberals himself, Richard Nixon, was elected in 1968. Abortion was still usually illegal in 1968. Silly Maureen! Why does she want us to return to the dark days when progressives were too busy smoking pot and dropping acid to Fight the Power?

      It’s clear that Dowd has been replaced by a Rovebot.

      Posted by Chaos on 09/05 at 01:26 PM • permalink


    1. But don’t people like Dowd always want every year to be 1968?

      Posted by cosmo on 09/05 at 02:42 PM • permalink


    1. Dave S.
      I don’t remember 1968 being all that bad….
      I was over my infatuation with the Monkees, and was moving on to the Big Quest™ (getting laid)!Why was it such a bummer for you?

      Posted by rinardman on 09/05 at 03:49 PM • permalink


    1. Dave S wrote: “What pisses me off most about old hippies is their nostalgia for the worst period in American history.”

      Amen to that, Dave.

      Posted by JDB on 09/05 at 03:50 PM • permalink


    1. She was once a young piece of hot snatch, who doesn’t know it, but that’s why those “liberals” hired her to fill in the female quotas starting back in the 70’s. They hired her because she was a piece of hot snatch who could write not because she was someone who could write and happened to have a hot piece of snatch. She was promoted before she could evolve into something substantive. She actually wrote for the sports page(I’m sure she was put there because she was a sports enthusiasts and not for the novelty factor, not!!) of a folded Washington evening paper then got hired by the wapo. Not because she could write but for same reasons as above. By the time the ny times hired her she was a mentally-stunted approaching middle-age broad who was now stupid enough to be hired by the mentally-stunted leftist rabble that had taken over the times. mo’s “career” is an example of being in the right place and having a hot snatch at the right time. Not to sound liberal, but she is just another one of many victims…. of liberals.

      Posted by zefal on 09/05 at 05:11 PM • permalink


    1. zefal–

      I think the term ‘hot snatch’ went out in the ‘70’s, too.

      I’m not a prude but that vulgarism is another reason I dislike that era.

      I believe the term you’re searching for is “drunken slut”.

      Posted by JDB on 09/05 at 05:36 PM • permalink


    1. Now I’m really curious!

      JDB, you agree with Dave S. and his assesment of “the worst period in American history”, but I’m not sure if you are exaggerating for effect, or if you really think it’s true. If you think it’s true, I’m wondering: why do you think it’s true?

      To me “American history” also covers periods like….oh, the Civil War, the Great Depression, and World War II. Granted, I wasn’t around for those, but I was there in 1968, and I can’t think it could compare in badness to the others.

      Would you care to eloborate?

      Posted by rinardman on 09/05 at 06:31 PM • permalink


    1. 1968 — An entire generation of educators, intellectuals and politicians abandons its authority, and an entire generation of young, ignorant and willfully misinformant self-righteous adolescents demands their power without any responsibility…

      Posted by richard mcenroe on 09/05 at 07:19 PM • permalink


    1. I think an argument can be made that it’s the worst period in US history due to its long-term effects (which most on this blog would probably agree are a big net negative, despite positives like the civil rights movement etc). Let’s just put it this way: The United States and its founding philosophy has managed to reach the 21st century intact despite the efforts of the 1968 generation, not because of it.

      But I’m not Dave, of course, so that’s just my stab at an explanation. Similar perspective though, perhaps, since we both weren’t actually alive back then.

      Posted by PW on 09/05 at 08:00 PM • permalink


    1. One can almost sense MoDo getting all goose-pimply over the prospect of a Vietnam-like outcome in Iraq. Make no mistake: Dowdy Maureen and all those arm chair marxists and hippie wanna-be’s who want to jump in the time machine and head back to 1968 don’t give a damn about the troops; it’s just that, in this day and age, to admit that fact would result in their columns being passed over like an advertisement for used eight-track tape players. She’s just another in a whole garden of home-grown Tokyo Roses. These aren’t simply people who disagree with the decision to go to war in Iraq; these are people who are secretly gleeful that we did, because of the broad scope for embarrassment they hope such a decision will create for Bush and the Republicans, and the prospects for a wide-ranging defeat of right and center/right political policies on all fronts. Thus far, the great kink in their hopes has been the utter failure of the Democrats to come up with any policies at all, and their singular incapacity to field leaders who are anything other than contemptible to the majority of the citizenry.

      Posted by paco on 09/05 at 08:26 PM • permalink


    1. Jump the couch??? Oprah??? Tom Cruise??? Modo is a little old to be making up terms nobody will ever use and referencing decades old cultural references. But it is kind of groovy and far out though. Sock it to ‘em Modo.

      Posted by bc on 09/05 at 09:32 PM • permalink


    1. Oh God.  Not 1968 again.

      Margo is like one of those people whose best years happened in high school and they’ve just never been able to move past it.

      Posted by RebeccaH on 09/05 at 09:48 PM • permalink


    1. #14 I’m not a scholar of U.S. history, but I’d venture that 1968 [or that era anyway] was when the left managed to con the youth into adopting self-loathing as a passable facsimile of intellectualism.

      #17 You’re right, but the delightful thing about it all is that the left has been unable to inflame the youth, as they were inflamed in the ‘60s and 70s [supposedly by idealism, but in truth just self indulgence]. This exposes them as not only old [ghastly crime they invented], but manifestly out of touch, as well.

      Posted by larrikin on 09/05 at 10:18 PM • permalink


    1. One can almost sense MoDo getting all goose-pimply over the prospect of a Vietnam-like outcome in Iraq.

      Yes. They’re waiting for a Baghdad remake of the picture of the people scrambling for the helicopter on the roof of the embassy in Saigon. And the picture of Col. Loan shooting the VC prisoner. And the President boarding the helicopter on the White House lawn for the last time.

      Those were the days my friend
      We thought they’d never end
      We’d sing and dance forever and a day
      We’d live the life we choose
      We’d fight and never lose
      For we were young and sure to have our way.
      -Music & Lyrics: Gene Raskin

      Posted by ErnieG on 09/05 at 11:21 PM • permalink


    1. rinardman–

      Several people seemed to have picked up my meaning but I’ll also add the assasinations of MLK, RFK, riots and arson that destroyed entire city neighborhoods, identity politics, the nascent malaise that culminated in deserting the Indochinese, Watergate, 20%+ interest rates, President Carter…

      I was only 5 years old in ‘68 but I recall the decade of the 1970’s with gas lines, schools shut down for lack of heating oil, no Christmas lights in town to ‘conserve’ electricity, etc. To me, it was like living in a time of war with no war and to people like MoDo it was the zenith of American history to see the shithole they created.

      I agree that the Civil War, Great Depression, and WWII were cataclysmic events but there was, to my perhaps overly romantic imagination, a nobility that was certainly lacking in the 1970’s. The spite and ennui of the Sex Pistols made a lot of sense to me and I wasn’t British.

      Thank God for Ronald Reagan & the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team. Like most punk rockers at the time, I didn’t appreciate Reagan but that hockey team still gives me goose bumps. It felt like the first thing we got right since the moon landing.

      I always disliked hippies like MoDo. As a teen, I had a T-shirt with a skeleton lying on a deserted island that said, “I’d rather be anywhere than at a Grateful Dead concert”.

      Nowadays, I can’t be arsed about rock groups, movie stars, junior high school intrigues, and that’s where people like MoDo still live. She’s absolutely juvenile in her writing, her outlook, and her politics.

      Sorry about the rant but either I was a clinically depressed kid or the ‘70’s really did suck and there seem to be a lot of folks who agree with me.

      Posted by JDB on 09/06 at 12:15 AM • permalink


    1. 1968 – shudder. The era of hairy men in corduroy pants with polyester open-neck body shirts: beards, hairy chests with chunky medallions on chunky chains, shoulder-length hair. Think Jason King.

      Posted by walterplinge on 09/06 at 02:28 AM • permalink


    1. Verrrrrry interesting … but stupid!

      (If it’s too loud you don’t know the reference, you’re too old young.)

      Posted by BIWOZ on 09/06 at 03:57 AM • permalink


    1. #3 – Wass ist dis “beaverhausen”?

      Posted by blogstrop on 09/06 at 05:55 AM • permalink


    1. Art Garfunkel caught with drugs again by the cops and he looks so embarrassingly ANCIENT.Cringe for that age group.
      Unfortunately the ramifications are still being felt as fifty year old parents still get that naughty thrill from smoking dope and have raised their kids to do it.

      Posted by crash on 09/06 at 07:32 AM • permalink


    1. #24 – Laugh-In, Artie Johnson as the German soldier.

      #25 – Anastasia Beaverhausen is the alias my favorite TV character uses – Karen Walker of Will and Grace.  The woman is very wise.

      Posted by Polly on 09/06 at 11:09 AM • permalink


    1. richard mcenroe said:
      1968 — An entire generation of educators, intellectuals and politicians abandons its authority, and an entire generation of young, ignorant and willfully misinformant self-righteous adolescents demands their power without any responsibility…You guys are probably right about my entire generation being screwed up.

      Which explains why it produced another entire generation of undisciplined, under-achieving, video game zombies.

      And, JDB. If you had lived through both the 60’s and 70’s you might more easily seperate them into the totally different decades that they really were.

      Posted by rinardman on 09/06 at 04:24 PM • permalink


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