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Andrew Bolt checks with a military expert to discover if Israel “has any missile that would pop a neat hole in the roof of an ambulance and explode, causing no scorch marks, no shrapnel damage and no fatalities to the people inside.” You’ll be shocked—shocked!—at his findings.

UPDATE. Reader response at the Australian continues to be negative. Samples:

* “The Australian has to be among the very best newspapers in the country, but clearly got it wrong this time.”

* “Chulov was had. And all efforts by him, and the editor of The Australian since, have simply been an exercise in covering their collective rear ends.”

* “What does it matter whether the blog is ‘right wing’ or not? The photographic evidence on Zombietime was sourced both from blogs and from the mainstream media, and all of it points in the same direction: the ambulance strike story is as phoney as a three-dollar note.”

* “I followed the links and damned if it doesn’t look like the journalists were fed a line of propaganda, and swallowed it hook, line and sinker.”

* “Just publish the photographs of the ambulance.”

UPDATE II. You’d think a blog-savvy fellow with legal training in matters of evidence and argument and a resentment of News Ltd would be all over a story like this, seeing as it plays to his (however negligible) strengths. Yet—faced with a News Ltd reporter whose story has completely changed, but who stands by his original reporting—the best Melbourne lawyer Walter Jeremy Sear can manage is this.

UPDATE III. The mystery weapon revealed!

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