Minister for crevices

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Last updated on July 2nd, 2017 at 12:43 pm

Former Peter Garrett apologist Traceeee Hutchison continues her jeeeehad against Old Domey:

It’s a bizarre set of circumstances when the federal Environment Minister appears in the Federal Court arguing for a project that even those closest to it admit will be an environmental disaster …

Not that the Environment Minister, Peter Garrett, was actually in the Federal Court this week to spin the Port of Melbourne’s fairytale on its planned dredging of Port Phillip Bay. Oh, no. This Environment Minister left it to his lawyer to tell the people who care about protecting the bay’s environment that gouging a whopping crevice into the sea floor will cause a permanent rise in the tide level.

So it’s seafloor crevices that’ll cause rising oceans? I blame icebergs: “Recent sonar surveys off the southeastern coast of the United States have detected dozens of broad furrows on the seafloor—trenches that were carved by icebergs during the last ice age, researchers suggest.” Back to Traceeee, becoming increasingly bitcheeee towards her old friend:

Apparently this Environment Minister isn’t bothered by permanent tide rises. That must be why part of his portfolio was given to his younger colleague, Penny Wong.

ROWRR! Hiss! Hiss!

Who needs climate change when you can dredge the bay? That must be the other reason the federal Environment Minister doesn’t have it in his portfolio.

Should’ve voted for someone else, girl.

This Environment Minister isn’t big on detail. What else can explain the three weeks it took him to realise he’d referred to Western Port Bay in his approval statement about dredging in Port Phillip Bay?

Imagine how Age letter-writer Tim Hamilton must feel now that Traceeee’s become a Garrett critic: “Tracee Hutchison’s article on Peter Garrett was like a silver bullet of insight that blew apart the shallowness of the attacks on the former lead singer … Leaving a Midnight Oil concert you always felt inspired and motivated to make a difference. Listening to the critics of Peter Garrett … only fills you with indignation.” Get ready for another load, Hamilton:

And where did our esteemed Environment Minister disappear to this week? Oh, he jumped on a joy flight to Antarctica. Apparently to check on the rising sea levels.

Let’s leave the lass to her misery:

Just like Alice when she gets greedy and eats that nasty bit of cake, the port’s plans have got bigger and bigger. And just like Alice, the port will leave behind a salty pool of tears for the rest of us to swim in.

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