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Last updated on March 6th, 2018 at 12:30 am

The Age’s Michelle Grattan is still struggling to cope with Australian treasurer Peter Costello’s views on Muslim non-integration:

Assuming the multiculturalism speech gave an insight into the “true” Costello, it’s more than a little alarming.

Costello responds:

Today Mr Costello expressed surprise anyone would find his comments controversial or provocative.

“Is it provocative to say that citizens should be loyal to Australia, that they should abide by the rule of law, that they should respect the rights and liberties of others?” Mr Costello said on ABC television.

“Is that now provocative in Australia? Gee, things have got pretty bad if that’s provocative.”

It’s chiefly provocative to jumpy Fairfax and ABC types who’d prefer that these issues never be raised. Labor premiers Alan Carpenter and Morris Iemma support Costello; so do 74% of SMH readers.

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