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Last updated on August 9th, 2017 at 08:14 am

Brownlow Medal comments, gambling results, drinking contests—post ‘em here.

UPDATE I. Early leaders: Scott West, Dean Cox, and Collingwood’s Ben Johnson.

UPDATE II. Chris Judd leads after eight rounds with 11 votes; Pavlich and Brown on nine (with Josh Carr, who is ineligible).

UPDATE III. Goodes now up to nine votes, and Ben Cousins on ten.

UPDATE IV. Ten rounds counted. Jonathan Brown tied with Chris Judd on 13. Goodes and Kerr next on 12. Scott West 11, Dean Cox ten.

UPDATE V. Scott West now up to 17 votes after 12 rounds.

UPDATE VI. West on 19 after 14 rounds. Judd on 15, Brown on 13, Goodes on 12.

UPDATE VII. After 15 rounds, West still leads with 19 votes—just one clear of Judd.

UPDATE VIII. Whoa! Five rounds to go, and it’s closing up: West 19, Judd 18, Kerr 18, Goodes 16, Johnson 16.

UPDATE IX. Late Brownlow leak via FOX: Brad Johnson. Daniel Kerr (ineligible) now leads with 20 votes.

UPDATE X. Kerr 22, Judd 21, Goodes 19, West 19. Three rounds left.

UPDATE XI. Westy one vote in front with two rounds remaining.

UPDATE XII. One round left: Goodes now leads with 23, West 22, Judd 21.

UPDATE XIII. Final score: Adam Goodes is now a two-time Brownlow winner.

UPDATE XIV: Nic sums up: “Onya Goodes. He’s a great player, runs all day, has the most amazing skills and has a lot of impact on the Swans’ success.”

UPDATE XV. The babes. And some guys hanging around for no obvious reason.

UPDATE XVI. Goodes’ post-medal TV comments were fantastic. He’s one of Australia’s best.

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