Maybe earth hour caused it

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Last updated on June 24th, 2017 at 09:53 am

Cold, cold, cold! We’re all a-frozen in Australia:

• “Record-breaking early snow has fallen across NSW, just days after Sydney’s longest period of rain in 23 years.”

• “Temperatures at Thredbo dropped to -4C and in Perisher to -2C, the coldest April days in the mountains for 30 years.”

• “Strathalbyn, south of Adelaide, had its coldest April night in more than a century …”

• “The city of Orange in central west New South Wales is experiencing possibly its coldest April day on record.”

• “Woomera had its coldest April morning in 60 years of records …”

It’ll be a cold day in hell before Cardinal George Pell buys into any warmening nonsense. We’re almost as cold in Australia as was the US last year. Here’s SMH enviro reporter Ben Cubby’s analysis:

Something strange is happening to our weather.

Damn straight, Ben. It isn’t following warmther predictions.


• “Temperatures fell by as much as 14 degrees below the April average in parts of southern Queensland this morning on the coldest recorded day of the year so far …”

• “Mt Hotham has just broken the all-time record for the coldest April day (Monday 28th April) ever in Victoria …”

• “It’s raining here today, and there is snow on the hills surrounding Melbourne. It was the coldest April day ever recorded in part of the state.”

• “Yesterday was the coldest April day in Sydney for 50 years …”

• “The coldest April day in our district EVER according to tonight’s news.”

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