Margo cult abandoned

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Last updated on July 24th, 2017 at 12:45 pm

Former Margo cultist Harry Heidelberg’s de-programming is complete:

My old “friends” at Webdiary were only ever interested in silencing me.

As for Margo, she will embrace anyone who has things to say against Howard. Margo’s entire life has now become a fight against Howard. It is an utterly indecent obsesssion. Margo is so blinded by it she is totally incapable of reason.

He life and her mission will continue to be a “me against the world” ethos and more importantly “me against Howard”.

Margo has allowed John Howard to now define a significant part of her life and rather than retreating from this, she has become more manic about it than ever.

Margo uses motherhood statements constantly but her main reason for being is her hatred of John Howard and the United States of America. These are the driving forces of her life.

I expect these twin hatreds will drive Margo and her bizarre following for some time to come.

In my view they are wrong at a poltical, social and econmic level.

I strongly regret having been involved in this politcal movement which I once thought was something else.

I was incredibly naive. These people, led by Margo Kingston, are relentless and single minded.

They try to replace the opposition. They hate much of Australia of today, they hate the United States and many other things I hold dear.

They are an alienating and dangerous force I regret ever engaging with.

We await The Heidelberg Diaries.

Posted by Tim B. on 09/20/2005 at 04:16 AM
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