Mandela not dead; simple point not understood

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Commenter NSC asks:

Please tell me you didn’t REALLY think Bush meant Saddam killed the actual Nelson Mandella?

And leftist Grace Pettigrew replies:

Bush said “Mandela is dead”. Mandela is NOT dead. He is 89 years old.

Bush thought Mandela had died, otherwise he would not have used his name in this context.

I’ve been recording leftist stupidity for years now, and this is a new peak. This is Olympian; in fact, this is Olympian with anabolic stupoids. Mary Katherine Ham blames Jon Stewart:

Thanks to Jon Stewart and a quick edit on last night’s Daily Show, the sufferers of Bush Derangement Syndrome will surely jump on a comment President Bush made yesterday that “Mandela is dead” …

Of course, Stewart and the writers at the Daily Show knew this. There’s no way they saw the “Mandela is dead” clip without seeing the context. But the facts got in the way of an easy political joke. And, Stewart has the nerve to get all self-righteous on “Crossfire?” Ha.

Stewart also must know that a certain segment of his audience – the surprisingly large Grace Pettigrew demographic – is easily fooled. He’s played ‘em for chumps, and folks like Taylor Marsh will now be repeating his lie for years. So will Kevin Burton:

Just when you think you’ve figured out how stupid Bush is he goes one step lower and proves he has the IQ of a Guinea pig. Nelson Mandela is NOT dead – and – he doesn’t even LIVE in Iraq.

Genius. The Melbourne Herald Sun’s David Gardner continues the “Bush gaffe” meme:

Even for blunder-prone George Bush, it was a gaffe of toe-curling proportions.

Journalists who attended Bush’s press conference understood there was no gaffe, as did plastic turkey doofus Ana Marie Cox, who took only one second to realise what Bush was driving at:

Favorite surreal moment of this Bush presser so far: “People ask me, where’s Mandela? Well, Mandela’s DEAD! Because Saddam killed all the Mandelas.”

It took me a second to realize the exact kind of cultural analogy he was making …

She’s quicker – who isn’t? – than Australia’s Phil Gomes, who initially posted on Bush’s “incredible dose of the stupid”, only to return nearly twelve hours later with this claim:

It should have been pretty obvious that I fully understood what Bush was on about …

Nice try. In a beautiful Blair’s Law moment, white supremacists at Stormfront join forces with the daffy Left:

Bush really did (or does) think that Mandela is dead.

Some on the Left aren’t quite as insane. Steve Benen:

I hate to admit it, but intellectual honesty compels me to note that Bush’s comments yesterday about Mandela being “dead,” really were misconstrued.

Visit Captain’s Quarters and James Taranto for further wrap-ups on this madness. And read John Hawkins, who notes:

Liberals love to think of themselves as intellectual and nuanced …

Posted by Tim B. on 09/22/2007 at 01:47 PM