Mall crisis probed

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British author Adam LeBor levels charges against Kofi Annan and the UN:

That in 1994, Annan and the DPKO refused the UN commander General Romeo Dallaire permission to raid Hutu arms caches, despite his warning mass slaughter was planned, that they failed to inform the security council, and failed to clarify the extent of the genocide …

That from July 6 to July 11, 1995, Unprofor, the UN mission in Bosnia, repeatedly failed to authorise air strikes to save the town, despite having the means to do so, and  was in grievous breach of its obligations to protect civilians …

That the UN, in particular the Department of Political Affairs (DPA), repeatedly ignored reports from humanitarian officials of atrocities [in Darfur] because they were politically inconvenient, and that the UN still refuses to take action to stop the slaughter …

A little credit where it’s due, Mr LeBor. The UN might not have done much good in Rwanda, Bosnia, or Darfur, but it’s achieved a vital breakthrough in Townsville:

The United Nations Human Rights Committee has found Australia breached an international convenant with its treatment of a Queensland man.

Pat Coleman was jailed for 10 days in 1999 for making a public address in a Townsville mall without a permit …

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