Makin’ quakes

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Last updated on June 24th, 2017 at 01:29 pm

Like Laura Blood, York’s Phil Shepherdson believes in the earthquake theory of warmenism:

A few years ago in the Antarctic a huge ice sheet (the Larsen B), which is larger than Luxembourg and whose weight was 500 billion tonnes, plunged into the sea.

Both the Arctic and the Antarctic are under threat from global warming.

All this weight shifting must put a tremendous strain on the tectonic plates that in turn could lead to more movement. It is this movement of the plates which leads to earthquakes.

If my surmise is correct then we could be witnesses to more frequent and violent earthquakes in the future.

And the BBC won’t cover them. Speaking of which, BBC News morning editor Simon Waldman recently turned up on NewsWatch (hit the video link) to defend his network’s quake avoidance:

Overnight, we simulcast on both BBC News 24, the domestic channel, and BBC World, the international channel, so had we gone all guns blazing for an earthquake which shook some chimney pots, caused a little bit of damage, I think viewers in Indonesia and Sri Lanka who had lived through the tsunami of a couple of years ago might not have thanked us.

Via DB, who emails:

So, UK TV viewers – obliged by law to pay for the BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation – must accept that people in Indonesia and Sri Lanka take priority.

I anticipate using the “Waldman Defence” often. For example: “I see the BBC didn’t report the latest atrocity by followers of the Religion of Peace in (insert country here). Perhaps tsunami survivors in Indonesia and Sri Lanka might not have thanked them.” Or: “Wow, have you noticed how cold it’s getting lately? I wonder why the media isn’t reporting it. I guess people in Indonesia and Sri Lanka who lived through the tsunami might not thank them.” Etc.

UPDATE. Jason Wilson: “You can trumpet your 24 hour news service, but having it just makes it more embarrassing when, as in this instance, you’re so comprehensively beaten to a story.”

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