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Iraq War Was Wrong writes to the NYT’s Paul Krugman:

I’m a BIG fan from wayback and I just wanted to, drop you a line. To thank you for you’re excallent commentaries (as always). I hope this address email’s is the right one? To describe about me: I’m an aspiring writer (like you but just starting out) hope to be a pundit one day when Im older. I’m still learning the ropes (it’s a process) But when I see people like you who reached the heighths (rise from lowly economic’s expert to New york times) it gives me hope. (By the way this reminds me: Can you as New York Times columnist, give me any advice how to move up? Right now I’m still local).

My question(getting to the point): Do you think in this country people will ever FINALLY come to understanding that The Iraq War was wrong?

Hilariously, Krugman replied. Hit the link.


I’m an enormerse fan of your’s from a long time. The posts you post are the best on the web with any doubt. Terrifying stuff – keep it up! (Right email address I hope). A little me: I want to write for the Bullertin one day so hav you any tips to reach this object? You climbed up from Sports Illustrations and I think I can move with the hopeliness of that. Now just a plane blogger but am trying for a job on Wall Strete or maybe in the Thames. Goodness the columns you write!

Another question for you again: when do you think Australians will FIANLLY realize Iraq is a completly incorrect country?



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